Breeders who advertise in this register are members of the Irish Red and White Setter Club of Great Britain and will abide by the Club’s Code of Ethics.

Have a read through these frequently asked questions about the IRWS and if you would like to find a puppy please get in touch with Diane Jones.

  • Always visit the breeder on the breeder’s premises and view the puppies with their mother.
  • Make sure you receive full care instructions from the breeder (dietary, worming regime, pedigree etc).
  • Ask the breeder for the Kennel Club Registration Certificate or, if it is not available, ensure that the breeder undertakes in writing to forward it to you as soon as it is received from the Kennel Club.

Ensure the breeder signs the ‘Application to Register a Change of Ownership’ section of the registration certificate, checking that the date of sale is completed.

Members who advertise their puppies on this website have been members of IRWS Club of GB for at least 12 months; the dogs and bitches will have current (in the last 12 months) eye certificates for PPC, one of which must be clear; both parents will have been hip scored and will be hereditary clear or DNA tested clear for CLAD and von Willebrands.

If any member wishes to use this facility would they please contact Diane Jones, supply her with the relevant documents and details of the litter.  Members can also request a Club puppy pack giving all the information and documents needed for their new puppy owners to join the IRWS Club of GB.

If you are the proud owner of a new Red and White puppy you will be pleased to hear that we offer FREE online membership of the IRWS Club of GB for the first year, ie, until renewal time on the 1st January. Do join and learn all about the breed and its activities. If you pick up your puppy after September membership will go through to the end of the following year.  Membership will be on an online basis, newsletters and any correspondence will be by email.  

The breeder you get your puppy from may have put the information into the puppy packs you get but if not just get in touch with Graham Hart, our membership Secretary – membership@irishredandwhitesetterclub.com and he will take the necessary details from you.