The Kennel Club’s dates and venues for Pointer and Setter Training are available here.

We have been invited to attend various Game Fairs this year and the dates are below, if anyone is interested in helping out, please get in touch with Fiona.

Royal Bath & West of England, BA4 6QN16th & 17th March
Thame Country Fair, 5th & 6th May
Burghley Game & Country Fair26th & 27th May
The Game Fair, AL9 5HX26th to 28th July
Cheshire Game & Country Fair24th – 26th August
Sandringham Game & Country Fair7th & 8th September
Midland Game Fair14th & 15th September
Wiltshire Game & Country Fair28th & 29th September

Members of the Club were very much in evidence at several Game Fairs last year, at Burghley Country Game Fair – we managed to get five dogs on the Saturday and six on the Sunday, including three generations of one ‘family’. There was a lot of interest shown in the dogs and they all behaved brilliantly. 

Member Paul Leckie:

“We took Hamish to Hatfield House game fair last year. Just walking around with him there was lots of interest from people. Many keen to know what breed he was and some people who had owned the breed in the past.

So even if there isn’t a formal stand we would encourage members to attend with their dogs.

Hamish had a great time as well…….”

Irish Red & White Setters were developed historically to find wild game birds for hunters.

It is not ‘work’ for the dogs – it is what they live for!

Have you ever wondered how people manage to train their setters to work?  And exactly what work do they do?  Is trialling the only way to go or are there other things you can do with your highly intelligent IRWS?  IT’S NOT HARD WORK – IT’S FUN!​

Training your dog to work isn’t hard, in fact it’s usually good fun.  Working with a group of like-minded people (and dogs) it doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience of working in the field, you and your dog will benefit from attending one of the WSC working and training days this year.  There are some days currently being organised and dates and venues will be here as soon as they are finalised.  If you’d like to go along with your dog and see what you can both do get in touch with Working Secretary, Fiona Chapman.