We offer a free Parental Health Status Certificate to breeders for their litters.

By sending the sire, dam and date of birth of the litter to the sub-committee secretary, the breeder receives a Master Copy of the certificate showing the health results for both parents – tracing the actual ancestors that were DNA tested.  This can then be photocopied for each puppy and given to the new owners.

In the 1990s Canine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency – a failure of the immune system to fight infection – was diagnosed and from 17.06.08 the KC has only registered litters that are proven clear of CLAD either by direct DNA testing by virtue of both parents being clear by DNA test or hereditarily clear.

In the early 2000s, cases of von Willebrands Disease – a failure of the blood to clot over wounds – were reported and funds were quickly raised for a breed specific DNA test.  Effective from 01.01.11 the KC will only register litters if both parents are DNA tested clear of vWD or are hereditarily clear.

Today, all UK registered IRWS are genetically clear of these two hereditary life-threatening diseases.

Although it is not mandatory, breeders are urged to have their breeding stock at least, Hip Scored under the BVA/KC/ISDS scheme to establish the status of the hip joints. The breed average hip score is 10 (the best is 0 and the worst is 106)

Posterior Polar Cataract  (PPC)  in  IRWS remains unresolved by scientific investigation and has been relegated to a ‘condition of minor importance’  as 16 years of effort and experience has shown no evidence that it results in blindness or causes pain or even inconvenience to affected dogs.  The Animal Health Trust holds many samples of IRWS DNA and the breed is still involved in ongoing PPC research. It is no longer deemed necessary to withdraw affected dogs from breeding programmes, but eye testing of breeding stock is necessary as the mating together of two affected dogs should be avoided.

Information on individual dog’s health can be obtained from the Kennel Club website

The official Report/Analysis of the 2013 International Health Survey can be seen or downloaded here.