The Irish Red and White Setter is an ancient breed from Ireland – the forerunner of the Irish Red Setter.  References to the Red and White setter (including desciptions of a ‘croucher’ or ‘setter’) can be found in gundog books as early as the 14th century, although they probably would look nothing like the dogs we see today.



The Irish Red and White is a happy, good natured, truly loyal and affectionate dog. It is highly intelligent, independent and is extremely energetic, just what a game dog should be. They are capable of doing whatever you ask of them, but whatever that is they need proper and consistent training from an early age.


No matter what you intend to do with your Irish Red and White Setter: agility, obedience, showing, working or ‘just’ a loyal and loving family pet, we hope there is something of interest on this site for all. Have a look at the breed standard for the finer details.

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All the information on the health of the Irish Red and White Setter

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Do you want an Irish Red and White Setter Puppy, if any are available you can find them here

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Can you give a safe, secure and loving home to an Irish Red and White?


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What was an IRWS bred to do.

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January 2021

The Club is holding its first online show on Friday 5th February 2021.  All proceeds will be donated to the Nightingale McMillan Unit at Royal Derby Hospital where Gaye O’Connor was looked after so well last year.  Full details are available here and on our group Facebook page.


September 2020

The Club’s calendar is being printed, they are A3 and the cost will be the same as last year (£11, which includes postage).  To order one please get in touch with Alison.

july calendar page calendar cover


September 2020

Gaye O’Connor’s funeral was last week, with friends and family in attendance.  Donations in Gaye’s memory can be made to Nightingale Macmillan Unit, general fund (fund 14001).  Cheques made payable to Derby Hospitals Charity (NMU14001) and sent to Janet Saunders, Charity Co-Ordinator, Nightingale Macmillan Unit, Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter Road, Derby DE22 3NE.  Tributes to Gaye can be read here.


August 2020

The Setter and Pointer shows in November have also been cancelled for this year



August 2020

This year’s Ladies Kennel Association show in December at the NEC has been cancelled.


July 2020

The Club has taken the decision to cancel its shows this year – the Championship Show and the Autumn Open Show. Hopefully it will be possible to hold this during 2021.


July 2020

This year’s AGM has been postponed: in accordance with Kennel Club’s recommendation it will be held just before the 2021 AGM. Further details will be posted.

Club Events

The latest information on dates for all club events


March 2021

Spring Open Show

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington


Steventon Village Hall, OX13 6RR


April 2021

Annual General Meeting


 Shuttington Villae Hall, B79 0DP


July 2021

Championship Show

Judge – Mrs Suzanne Humphries


 KC Building, Stoneleigh CV8 2LZ


November 2021

Autumn Spring Show

Judge – Mrs Jacqueline Ward


Hasland Village Hall, Chesterfield S41 0AY