Can you help?

We are looking for

A few foster homes for dogs coming into our care.

Helpers in general, often to help with transport and completing paperwork.

Permanent loving homes for those looking to adopt an Irish Red and White Setter

We need people that

Are experienced setter owners

Have enough time and space to give these dogs what they need in foster homes

Can work with our existing team

People that do not judge – and understand that it is about what’s best for the dog – and can respect the privacy of all involved

Can offer a permanent loving home to a Rescue IRWS with patience and understanding to help these IRWS settle into their new homes

We pay all authorised expenses and support you at all times.

It can be hard work – but it’s so rewarding

If you are interested, please call our team on 01271 860920

or email

Thank You
Alison Bennett - Rescue Secretary

Can you give a home to an Irish Red and White Setter

The Club’s rescue scheme is here to help any Irish Red and White Setter in Great Britain who may be in need.

We are fortunate as a breed that the majority of our breeders continue to care for their puppies long after they have gone to new homes and will take dogs back if things don’t work out.  Rescue is then here to assist and, hopefully, find suitable new homes for them.

Dogs come into rescue for many reasons, some are strays, some are in need of a new home because of their owner’s change or circumstance or illness and, sadly, at times owing to a bereavement, none the fault of the dog involved.

Rescue dogs come from varied backgrounds, some have been the family pet and are used to living in with family and others; some may be working dogs, who have probably been used to spending a lot of time in a kennel amd will need extra care and patience to socialise them.

They will all be traumatised in some way – it is a big upheavel in their lives and all will need homes that are prepared to give them all time, patience and, most of all, unconditional love.

Are Irish Red and White Setters the dog for you?

Have a read through the information about the Irish Red and White and if you’re still interested then get in touch with our Rescue Secretary, Alison Bennett on 07483 816700/01271 860920  or use the email link below.

two IRWS
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