Irish Red and White Setter Club of GB

run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts

All about the Irish Red and White Setter Club of GB

The Irish Red & White Setter Club of GB was set up in the 1980s and exists to promote all aspects of the breed.  To bring enthusiasts together for a variety of activities and offer help and encouragement where needed. It is run by a committee of enthusiasts of Irish Red and White Setters for enthusiasts of Irish Red and White Setters.

What does the Club do?

The Irish Red and White Setter Club of GB currently organise one breed Championship Show and two breed Open Shows.  The spring show is in Oxfordshire and the autumn show is near Chesterfied. The Championship Show is usually at Stoneleigh Park during July.  

However, a number of other events and social occasions are also promoted, to which all club members are welcomed.  All the relevant information will be posted on the Club Events page.

Regular updates are sent out to members by email whenever information or news is needed to be passed on.

The Club also has its own Facebook page.

Many members are anxious to maintain the very real working ability of the breed and ensure that it is passed down through future generations.

Gundog working classes are  organised in different areas of the country to encourage everyone to take part. There are occasional assessment days also held to measure progress of both dogs and handlers. Information on these will be on the Working page.

In 2000, then Chairman, now President, Mary Blackwell-Sherratt wrote about the formation of the Irish Red and White Setter Club of GB  She has kindly agreed to let us reproduce it. 

Club members are kept up to date with matters of the Club by the Membership Liaison Officer and if you have anything that you wish to raise to the committee please let them know at

A report is produced after each committee meeting that lets you know what the committee is planning or discussing.  When available you can access it below.

On a more serious note

Members of the IRWS Club of GB recognise that there are times when, for whatever reason, it becomes impossible for a dog to remain in its current home. The Rescue Sub Committee works to care for and where possible to re-home these dogs.

The Club also maintains a health database, which contains information on known hereditary conditions within the breed and details of where and when they have occurred. Specific information is obviously confidential but general advice is available to all members.

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