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1st Sh Ch Charnborough Charisma Of Danwish JW - Miss T Gardner 587
2nd Sh Ch Cornadore Argyle With Copperwhite (Imp Pol) - Mrs L Ward 357
3rd Sh Ch Alanea Game Reserve With Danwish - Miss T Gardner 289
4th Sh Ch Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty - Mrs J Tait 278
5th Sh Ch Talintyre Winter Shadow - Mrs J Tait 277
6th Sh Ch Alanea Mirror Image - Mrs A Tattersall 254
7th Sh Ch Alanea Holly Fern At Charnborough - Mr T Sherratt & Mrs M Blackwell Sherratt 214
8th Sh Ch Romaunt Carry On Regardless With Verrami - Mrs R Barney 201
9th Daithi Shadow Dog With Ferngate (Imp Pol) - Mr S Cook & Mrs A Catton 178
10th Berryessa Ballderg With Gilliegrae Mr G & Mrs G Hart 174
11th Ambancy This Is Me - Mr N & Mrs J Barney 168
12th Spyefire Reyt Bobby Dazzler - Mr J & Mrs E Titterton 156
13th Laoirebay Steel Blue Ocean At Shannonstyle - Mr S & Mrs M Martin 151
14th Sh Ch Zendarric Heart Shaped Box With Viszaset - Miss N Green 146
15th Alanea Savannah - Mrs A Tattersall 140
16th Corranroo Casper - Mr G & Mrs J Bayne 93
17th Sh Ch Zendarric It’s A Kind Of Magic Within Wroxham - Mrs E Walker 91
18th Romaunt Lust For Life - Mr J Barney 86
19th Romaunt Ain't Misbehaven - Mr J Barney 79
19th Rubethan Cake It Or Leave It - Miss R Skene 79

The Irish Red and White Setter Club of GB run two annual points competitions for members

One competition for the dogs competing in championship shows Gill Hart oversees this competition and regular updates will be posted here throughout the year.

One competition for the dogs entered into Open shows. Entries are completed by the membr and submitted after 31st December.

2023 Points Competition

  • Top Dog - Sh Ch Cornadore Argyle With Copperwhite (Imp Pol) - Lynda Ward
  • Top Bitch - Sh Ch Charnborough Charisma of Danwish JW - Tania Gardner
  • Top Veteran - Sh Ch Cornadore Argyle With Copperwhite (Imp Pol) - Lynda Ward
  • Top Stud Dog - Sh Ch Ballakinnish Malachi At Oldestone - Val Wade
  • Top Puppy - Romaunt Ain't Misbehaven - Julien Barney
  • Top Breeder - Anita Tattersall
  • Top Brood Bitch - Sh Ch Alanea Holly Fern At Charnborough - Tony Sherratt and Mary Blackwell Sherratt
Points Competition Winner
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